We are starting a new chapter in agriculture, building a business with sustainability at its core. Local Bounti’s focus on LOCAL is core to our desire to transform our local communities, the agriculture work force and our environment.

“Sustainability is no longer philanthropy or lip-service, it is real.”

– Craig Hurlbert, Co-CEO

At Local Bounti, we strive to be leaders in measuring our usage of water, electricity, natural gas, fertilizer and other commodities. Transparency is core to our mission, as we believe it is important that our customers, retail partners and communities are aware of our impacts.

1% For The Planet

We pledge to donate 1% of our greenhouse fresh line proceeds to 1% for the planet, which will be used to support our work with the recycling project. Through these partnerships, we can work toward helping fix the circular economy and put and end to wish-cycling.

Leading the industry in transparent sustainability means using worldwide standards. Local Bounti will report in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards starting this year.

The Recycling Partnership

Our commitment to the planet is and ecosystem in itself. It starts in the greenhouse and the delicious greens we grow. It continues with our commitment to use 100% recyclable packaging.

In addition to the GRI, Local Bounti is reporting in accordance with the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board Agricultural Products Sustainability Accounting Standard. We believe that providing this information will aid investors and financial organizations in evaluating the impact of our sustainability measures on our business.

The CEA space can be inherently sustainable, but Local Bounti believes that we have a responsibility to continue to exceed current standards and provide industry leadership. We are one of the first North America CEA companies to become a participant in the UN Global Compact.


Local Bounti is a member of How2Recycle®. Visit the link to learn more!

How we make it possible.
At our core, we are local.

Local Bounti uses < 10 gallons of water per lb. of product whereas traditional agriculture uses in excess of 150 gallons of water/lb. of product.

Over 50% of leafy greens are wasted at the retail and consumer level. Local Bounti’s leafy greens have a shelf life that is stays fresher, and lasts longer than the shelf life of leafy greens produced by traditional agriculture.

“At Local Bounti, our focus on the best facility, the best growing process and continuous improvement have led to leaps in our product quality and yield. These factors are key to our sustainability as we are producing more leafy greens with the same environmental input.”

– Travis Joyner, Co-CEO

Accountability on how we are making a change. Check out our Full Year 2022 Sustainability Report.